Friday, December 31, 2010

Kumi WIP

Dusted of my bruches and colors, here is a WIP of Kumi, from Laughing monks

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm alive...

Today I made an order from War Lord Games, some cannons, casualties, mics figs and the Out for the Count set.

Hopefully I will get back in to the painting soon, it has been a bit much wit other stuff lately.

But I'm back

Out For The Count...


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pillars of the earth by Ken Follett

A few years ago I read the nook, Pillars of the Earth, written by Ken Follett, a writer I associated with thrillers, and spy stories, not an Epic tale spanning the construction of a Cathedral.
Needless to say I loved the book and have read it a few times both in English and in Swedish. To my big satisfaction I recently discoverer that they have made a miniseries of the book.

Got hold of it a few days ago and pretty fast I screened all 8h of it, and it's a hit in my humble opinion. I loved it and i captured a the book in a relay great way,  without changing the storyline or adding bits and pieces to fit the screenplay.

See it and you can even read the book afterwards and enjoy it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cossacks from Eureka Miniatures

Fond thees on one of my excursions on the world wide web...

Not my era but I liked them

Preview of the soon-to-be-officially-released Eureka Miniatures 28mm Cossacks

Thursday, December 2, 2010

For sale...

I´m cleaning out my gaming closet and selling of old bitz ´n pieces. Parts are from my old GW Dogs of War army.

Also some 20mm modern vehicles and 28mm WWII Germans. They will be sold on a first come first served basis. If several units are bought I will try to combine shipping costs.

The figures will be very well packed to minimize any chance of damage during shipping.

All prices INLCUDE shipping worldwide

I accept paypal only

More pictures can be provided if asked for. They will NOT be insured unless the buyer specifically askes for it and pays extra. 

Click on the images to see them in highres

GW cannon with three crewmembers. It is the old "galloper gun" from the Dogs of War range.
30 USD.

GW metalpirates. Also from the Dogs of War range from along time ago. 11 dwarves. 50 USD

"Free company". Plastic figures from GW. Suitable as unit or skirmishers. 9 Figures. 30 USD

A four figure unit of ogres. Because of the weight a slightly higher price. 50 USD

A five man cavalry unit from the GW Dogs of War range. 50 USD

Single GW figure, suitable as hero or commander. 15 USD

20mm 1/72 scale vehicles. One Revell 1:72 scale warrior. 2 20mm trucks in resin. 30 USD

24 Warlord plastic germans in 28mm scale. 100 USD

I´m selling 24 WWII germans from Warlords plasticbox.

24 Single bases figures in different poses and with different weapons. They are painted with Vallejo colors and painted to a very good standard. Bases have static grass, lichten, a few rocks and so on. They are protected by a coat of dull varnish. They will be very well packed to protect them in transit. 

The faces are painted dark flesh and then washed with Ogryn flesh. After that a highligt with lighter flesh and a dash of red for the lower lip. Uniforms are Vallejos german field uniform with a wash of devlan mud. Then another coat of german field uniform with a bit of iraqi sand to lighten it. Gives a good effect of shading.

The figures are painted in a slightly impressionistic way. That means they look good from ordinary viewing distance, maybe 1 foot away, not from 1 inch viewing distance away.

There Are:

  • 2 Officers with german officerhats 
  • 2 Soldiers with feltmützes 
  • The rest have helmets 
The carry an assortment of weapons. 2 MG34:s, 2 MG42:s, rifles, Sturmgewehrs, MP40:s and G43:s and panzerfausts.
An exact list of what they carry can be mailed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Massive Voodoo.

On one of my excursions on the great inter web i stumbled on to this nice blog.
Well worth a visit, real nice minies and a good example of a well planed and clean painting station, yes I'm jealous of it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In honour of them in service.

Got hold of some realy fine linnen sheets from the Kings own stock, its made or at least taken in to service before the Great War (WWI), and has probably been washed over 1000 times, they made stuff to last back then.
I realised that what would be better to make banners out of the a piece of linen sheet with a piece of history, some thing to honour the men and women in service all over the world fighting for peace today.

Well that sounded deep right.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

For sale

My friend Nils is having a Yard sale of some old stuff, nice prices and some relay nice painted pieces, some of them anyhow.
Checkout his thread on the Ambush alley forum.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Laughing Monk, Kumi

In my quest to find the inspiration to get back to painting again I got the tips to go back and do some thing else for a while.

I went in to my hordes of unpainted minies and models, and this is what I found,

Is it worth a try ? 
And what If my Wife founds out.

Mr Walker TYW

Dragons by Mr Walker from Warlord
More pictures at his forum blog

Found the little fellow, and a nice webshop as well.

Shop main page:

Thursday, November 4, 2010