Friday, April 22, 2011

Panther, 10 subjects and their Stories

10 Panthers, 10 different destinies and 13 stories to tell them,,
 I did choose not to read all 13 stories, I only read the foreword and 3 of the stories written by Mirko Bayerl, they where in my eyes the centerpiece in the book and the most well built model and diorama in the collection of models. 
Mirko wrote 3 articles about the SS panther AJ9 which later was destroyed by its own crew due to lack of petrol and ammunition, so to prevent it from ending up in the hands of the Russians then blew it up.
The stories about the AJ9 also contains eyewitness reports from a man that was 13 at the time and on location photos, both historical and pictures taken by Mirko when he visited the locations. 
And topped off in the last article with pictures and details about the diorama and the model. I my self has had the privilege to follow the progress and see the amount of work that Mirko put in to the diorama and to admire the result first hand.

The rest of the book contains some nice and detailed articles about 9 other Panthers in different versions and locations during the WWII, some fiction and some fact, like the AJ9.  

Modelers and authors.
Mirko Bayerl, Roddy Macdougall, Phill Stutcinskas, Darren Gawle, Lester Plaskitt, Gunnar Jansson, Roger Hurkmans, Markus Eriksson, Brian Murdoch and  Toni Canfora are the authors of 13 articles about 10 different Panthers, all presented with well written articles, detailed photos and some relay nice scale models and dioramas.

Where to buy:
Published by Canfora
ISBN 978-91-976773-5-6
Or if you are in Stockholm, Sweden, the book is available at Wentzels.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Warlord TYW...

Today, well yesterday if we are to be completely honest, I decide that the best place finaly  make my TYW project 100% done was to bring it to the club. And therefor I did, and now all the minis for the TYW project is at the club.
I fixed all the bases for all the infantry, lock stock and barrel and all the infantry allso are coated with GW Purity seal and dusted with Valejo Dullcoat, its like magic,

Some playing was also done with Victory Without Quarters(VWQ), this is the second time we had tried this game and I think its here to stay.

Perfect for scenarios and smaller campaigns todays battle was a bit to big, the weakness is the way units are activated, by randomness, and therefor some units will be unactivated round after round. I had units that had not moved or fired , almost the length of the game, the rules for activation has to be looked in to.


In a few short days its time for my 40th birthday av this sis my fellow comrades decide to make something out of...

And therefor the supriced  me with both, cake and singing to day at the club.

Thanks dudes, I was supriced and touched by your gesture, this is why I'm proud to say that I have nerds as my friends.

Created by Nils Idemalm

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Victory Without Quarters

Today We played as a complement to the more complex rules of FOG:R, the set of rules "Victory without quarter". It's written for ECW but we played it  with the intention of TYW. The wars are not that far apart and therefor no problems but the ECW is e light version of TYW, with fewer unit types and lesser soldiers.

The rules are quick and easy to learn, but we had to make up some house rule to increase the flow of the game, for instance changed so that the combat values never can be lower then 1+ and higher then 6+.
And then we have to tweek some of the unit types to make the game more adapted to TYW and the unit types used then.

We are going to play this agin this weekend and I will give you a deeper runt trough of the game then, and perhaps an Arr as well.

Here are some pictures of to days game, minis are mainly Perry Miniatures and Warlord miniatures, painted by Nils Idemalm and Ogge.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Peter Pig writes on his webpage More Oink for the buck, and oh is he right, got some minies from PP last friday, the are now all cleaned, surpassingly little casting flesh, and mostly glued on sticks for painting, the general part of them are also primed and ready for painting.

Spent some hours on the mounted Samurai Yari models, fast and easy, sorry no pics yet, only when the are on their bases. Me being me, thinking in shortcuts,  I was planing to leave all the rods, bows and shafts i the primed base color(Army painter, leather brown), this was until my friend Ogge pointed out that the where made of bamboo and often lackered, and often red. But since the whole army is red perhaps I should not paint the red put perhaps Yellow occra to make the look more like bamboo. And as usual He is right, and so it will be, yellow or bright red, they will not be left leather brown anyhow.
The Tori gate, from Peter pig