Friday, February 24, 2012


First WIP pics of the SAGA project.
Some highlighting is missing mostly flesh but some robes. But I think that I have managed to make them dark and musky as I planed, just to get that dark and medieval feeling I like.

So far the minies is a blast to paint, but I'm not looking forward to horses 17 of them.
The minies are from Gripping Beast from their Norman range packed for SAGA,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gripping Beast Normans, short review

Got some minies yesterday from Gripping Beast, e bunch of Normand for my SAGA projekt.

Norman starter Army 4 pts
Norman Spearmen 1 pts (Spears Not included)
Norman Heartguard 1 or 2 pts depending on how your field the unit (Spears Not included)

A short review of the minies.

Good casting, no excessive casting flesh and good details for TT minies.
The packs contained NO miss casts and all the minies where there. A good mix of poses of minies. Fast delivery and well packed. A bit short of spears and swords but I have sent them an email,  we will wait and see how they respond and how fast they fix it.
Got a respond within the hour, and apparently the spears are not included in the extra packs I ordered. But the guys a Gripping Beast will send me some spears and bases anyhow. NOW that's Service. But I think that they need to be a bit more cleare about the fakt that the packs do not contain spears and swords.

6 different poses of 8 models 
3 different poses 4 models
7 poses of 12 models

And now for some scraping, sanding, washing and the primer. Ill be using the Army Painter Leather Brown primer for this project, and then work with INKS and washes to get a dark earty and Medieval look and feel of the minies. The shields will be the one thing with bright colors to make the minies POP on the table.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Painting at random...

Some random painting, a few NPCs frm Black tree (I think) and some TYW 28mm from  Warlord. Been experimenting with GWs Inks/Washes, trying to find a way to paint - 30 - 40 Normands for SAGA with least amount of effort. And just for the fun of it Im painting an other infantry unit for my TYW army, never to be palyed,