Sunday, January 30, 2011

You can bring a knife to a gun fight

Lone Nepali Soldier Defends Potential Rape Victim Against *40* Men

Now THIS is a hero...

Here's the part of the story that makes you cheer.  He pulls out a kukri (i.e. a knife) and proceeds to kill 3 of them, injure 8 of them, and causes the rest to flee. During the battle, he suffered a severe knife injury to his left hand, from which he's now recovered.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Found my old blog, had to share...

Found a project that I was working on some time ago, try 3 or 4 years.
It’s an female Elf from Games Workshop, 54 mm in size. I think, just guessing here, it’s a rare pice given to the staff of GW for X-mas  some years ago.

Viking Flags

Found this nice blog today and he had some nice Viking flags that I just had to share with you

There are more flags where the came from so che out Rays blog Dont thorow a 1 at:

More Viking flags can be found at this artikel

Monday, January 17, 2011

I got mail, with 5 small little black boxes, with Ninjas and samurai.

Got some stuff from Perry today, in 5 small black boxes with an intriging content.
To bad I allready decided no to go with 28 mm minies for my FOG:R Shogun army, but rather 15mm. The thing is that how ever cool this project would be in 28mm, lets be realistic, the shipment I got from Perry miniatures was 37£ including PnP and I need at least 15 times the amount of minies and then some, do the math. And the fact is that I allready have a fair amount of 15 mm Japanes minies from that period is a key factor.

But anyhow,  the minies great nice and I look forward to paint some of them, and YES I got some Ninjas as well.

5 small black boxes
 Ninjas, yepp they where there I promise


More Ashigari.


Spears and a lost Ashigari

Thursday, January 6, 2011

TYW, Commander part 3

Commander 3 is done...
Number 4 in the making, some bannares and mics heavy cav have to be fixed for each commander 4 in total.
1 CiC and 3 Commanders

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TYW commander part 2

And the next one...

TYW commander, finaly.

After moths of no painting and lack of will to paint...

The Dutch forces are growing again. The model is from Warlord, and was intended to be Lord Oliver Cromwell, but I will use him as a regular No Name commander.