Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MesserSchmitt Bf109G 1/32 Hasegawa on Ebay

Go to Auction on EBay

Hasegawa 1/32 scale model High quality 
Seal broken but sprues in plastic bag.
Complete instructions and all the transfers are accounted for.
XtraColor 5 jars hand picked for the model included, these can be removed from kit for lesser PnP,
but that will not alter the price of the kit other then PnP 
Color numbers:
RLM 02
RLM 04
RLM 65
RLM 74
RLM 75

I take great pride in fast shipment and I pack my Items with care.
I only accept Paypal.

I ship worldwide.

Happy bidding, additional photos will be sent on request

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Complete, Generic/Dutch army TYW.

Finally I can put the TYW project on the shelf, of course I can allways add more to the project but at the time I WILL NOT...

Its painted as a generic TYW army but was intended to be Dutch army from the beginning and the theme sort of stuck.

Missing 4 banners but otherwise the army is finally complete.
Order of battle:
3 Command units/markers 80, 60 and 40mm circular bases
7 Pike and shotte regiments 2 bases of pikes and 4 bases of muskets and 24 minis per regiment
3 Cavalry regiments 4 bases and 12 models per regiment
3 Cuirassiers regiments 4 bases and 12 models per regiment
2 canon bases

All based for FOG:R (DBX standard), but is more likely to be played with the "No quarters" rules. 

The army is primed with Army painter Brown Leather, and painted with mostly Vallejo model range with a few exceptions, then the minies then are inked with Devlan Mud from Games Workshop, see the painting Tutorial form more details.

Minies are mostly Warlord and a washing few numbers of Renegade minies.

Command bases/markers

Cavlary regiments

Standard infantry regiment

Take aim

Hold the line

The Shaker guns from Warlord

Banners still 4 missing and I think I need to ad some details

Stop drinking and get to work


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First look at the Game Dust Tactics...

Got Dust Tactics today from Alphaspel.
First impression!
Nice models, nice set of rule books and scenario books, well packed and a bit higher details on the minies then expected.

Down side:
The box was miss backed, one of the Mechs had 2 right arms instead of 1 leftie and 1 rightie, not Alphaspels wrong doing and they are to contact the supplier to have it fixed hopefully to next week.

The models are delicate perhaps a bit to delicate, the plan was to repaint them and so will be done but not in the planed way, they need a lot more attention then I expected. And that in a way of not being poorly done, but to the point of being more detailed then expected. And therefor a bit more fragile then they needed to be...

Backside of a Lutz or Ludwig

The tow righties...
Ludwig ?

Char cards

Allies Walker body
The Airbrush will have to come out to fix this of that I'm sure...

More images and more about the rules when we get there...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The big clean out day...

Took the courage  today to start clean out some old models, never to be finished projects, old sprues and other miscellaneous hobby related Junk just lying around in the Garage.


  • 7 auctions on Ebay, more to come
  • 4 big 125 liters plastick bags filled with old sprues, boxes, paint brunches, broken minies, and a hol other bunch of stuff I will never ewer use again. 
  • some idea of how what is/was hidden and forgotten in boxes and on shelf's.
Will take some pictures later of some of the treasures I found in my garage.

My Ebay auctions

Tiger I 1.72 Airfix
Panzer IV 1.72 Airfix
Sturmgeschutz 1.72 Airfix
GM Chaos Dargon Ogre Shaggot
Panzerkampfwagen IV Tamiya 1.35
DBA 6mm Imperial Romans
Warmachine boxed set of 4 models
Happy Bidding.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011