Monday, January 17, 2011

I got mail, with 5 small little black boxes, with Ninjas and samurai.

Got some stuff from Perry today, in 5 small black boxes with an intriging content.
To bad I allready decided no to go with 28 mm minies for my FOG:R Shogun army, but rather 15mm. The thing is that how ever cool this project would be in 28mm, lets be realistic, the shipment I got from Perry miniatures was 37£ including PnP and I need at least 15 times the amount of minies and then some, do the math. And the fact is that I allready have a fair amount of 15 mm Japanes minies from that period is a key factor.

But anyhow,  the minies great nice and I look forward to paint some of them, and YES I got some Ninjas as well.

5 small black boxes
 Ninjas, yepp they where there I promise


More Ashigari.


Spears and a lost Ashigari

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