Sunday, March 20, 2011

Working hard or hardly working...

A slow day at work getting some paint on them Japanese Ashigaris while monitoring the systems.
Half way trough a bunch of 70 minise mounted on sticks. To bad my brushes are about to give in, but hopefully they hold until I get home and have some fresh ones.

Paint set for the "red army";
All models are primed with Army painters, Brown Leather
Hat: Dark Sea Gray Vallejo 70991
Pants and other fabrics: German Fieldgrey WWII 70830
Armour: Cavlary Brown Vallejo 70982
Socks and white details: Ivory Vallejo 70918
Black Vallejo70950
Metal:Gun metal Vallejo 70863

Brown (same as priner): English uniform Vallejo 70921

Leaving out bags, straps and wood details unpainted, only primed.

The giving the minie a wash of Devlan mud from games Workshop.

No pics to day, not allowed at work :)

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