Thursday, April 5, 2012

All is quite in the painting station

Not much has been happening in my paint station since my completion of the Normans for SAGA.
A few minies has left the production line, but they was a shoot in the dart, not fitting in any project what so ever. So what are the plans, Japps or Muslims, both for SAGA.
Was  bidding on some  Dixon 28 mm Nipps the other day on EBAY but I lost the auction, but the buyer paid close to retail prices for the minies in the end. Glad I didn't win.
My Ebay auctions has not bee so successful as I hoped for, most stuff is unsold.

So what to do mean while then?
Well I do have some Wood Elfs needing some attention before Ebay, but do I even want to bother with painting them. Well its something to do.

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