Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The shit has hit the fan... Warhammer 40K is back on the menu boys.

To day I did something that I never thought that I ever do again...

Got my self some 40K miniature to start play 40k again. 
I have to jump back on the train, the majority of the gaming society in my vicinity has passed over already, to the DARK side. 
Come to us we have cookies, that's what they say anyhow.

A box of Gray Knigt is bought from GW, just to try it out, if it sucks to paint then  Ill just put them out on Ebay...

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  1. This i didn´t think of you... majority...not realy, more like 4 of 30??? Be strong and resist the temtation;)

    Sell them on e-bay:)

  2. Well, the majority of the players I hang with then... Dont think I have ever even seen all the 30 members...

    Sorry dude it was fun so Ill probably give it a chanse...