Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bretonnians - on the move !

Got my self a box on Knights of the realm today from the Games Works  shop.
The plan was to get either the Men at Arms or the Peasant bowmen kit, but none of them was available in the GW store. Only on mail order as it seams. So I got the KOTR kit instead. Perhaps Ill get my self the battalion box later on. But not from GW they are a bit expensive... I can get for about 100 skr less from Alphaspel.

Well all the horses is built and half of the knights as well. More work then I remembered. The on to painting. 

Planing to paint it in sections.
First the animal parts and then pair up the knight and horses and paint the barding and knight at the same time one pair at the time.
After that paint the shields and the shields on the bardin. Ofcourse I will paint the shields on freehand.

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