Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The trip to London, or "Are we there yet" Part I

Me, Fredrik and Tomas decided to go to London for a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) flying in with Norwegian early Friday morning, the plane left Arlanda 07:40.  The morale was high even it was a bit early, I my self had to get out of bed 04:00 hrs, that sucked big time.
Fredrik, goofed with his passport and we had a short scare but it was no biggie at all other wise all was fine, except for Tomas littel rundown with Airport security, his boots got them on the edge. After passing the security checkpoint there where time for some breakfast, a sandwich and some juice, there where other choices available if you so wanted as well.

Bording, take off flying, sleeping, reading, landing, embarking, then LONDON.

We took the Gathwik express to Victoria Station, end the we where relay in London, then the adventures began.
Here are some images from the London.
Breakfast at Arlanda "Sprit 79kr" Whiskey and Vodka mm at 06:30 DONT THINK SO.

At the first stop, The Sports Bar in Victoria Station, Fredrik is already lost. 

Tomas, not so lost YET 

Me (Stewe) with the first pint of Cider, with many to follow


2 thumbs, well that's not bad at all, 100% great.

At Earls Court the Base of operations 

Victoria and Circle Line

CCTV, they where every where.

More images later.

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