Monday, September 20, 2010

TYW Project

The plan was to make mixed units with no direct uniform colours but after looking at the units painted by Mr Walker I decided to go for mostly uniform units, but try to mix in some oddly painted minis in the unit.

Was out shopping today trying to get hold of some more Army Painter Brown Leather, but no luck. But I did manage to get hold of some new colours to spice the units up a bit. But trying to avoid them being all to colourful and bright. But I most definite going for more uniform units, I don't know if that's  historically correct but hey its only for a game. Hoping to be able to full fill my first unit this week before going to London on Friday.

BTW just learned to day that its Games Day Golden Demon 2010 in the UK next weekend. We will probably NOT visit but maybe, while we are there anyhow.

But there will be pubbing and there will be IWM and BM and did I say that we are going pubbing.

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