Thursday, September 30, 2010

Was at Little Wars yesterday.

Got some paint on 48 horses and finished 6 infantry commanders.

So now there are only about 100 (plus 80 not built yet) infantry to paint  and 72 riders to paint.
Pictrures of my progress later on.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The trip to London, or "Are we there yet" Part I

Me, Fredrik and Tomas decided to go to London for a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) flying in with Norwegian early Friday morning, the plane left Arlanda 07:40.  The morale was high even it was a bit early, I my self had to get out of bed 04:00 hrs, that sucked big time.
Fredrik, goofed with his passport and we had a short scare but it was no biggie at all other wise all was fine, except for Tomas littel rundown with Airport security, his boots got them on the edge. After passing the security checkpoint there where time for some breakfast, a sandwich and some juice, there where other choices available if you so wanted as well.

Bording, take off flying, sleeping, reading, landing, embarking, then LONDON.

We took the Gathwik express to Victoria Station, end the we where relay in London, then the adventures began.
Here are some images from the London.
Breakfast at Arlanda "Sprit 79kr" Whiskey and Vodka mm at 06:30 DONT THINK SO.

At the first stop, The Sports Bar in Victoria Station, Fredrik is already lost. 

Tomas, not so lost YET 

Me (Stewe) with the first pint of Cider, with many to follow


2 thumbs, well that's not bad at all, 100% great.

At Earls Court the Base of operations 

Victoria and Circle Line

CCTV, they where every where.

More images later.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phase is going up again after London.

Another 48 cavalry and 15 infantry command built and base coated, the goal is to get some paint on them tomorrow at the club with the supervising from Oscar the cruel. 

Been planing some cool Latin quotation for the banners.
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi
Carpe Rammel
Omni Faeces Est
In hoc signo vinces
Carpe Diem
Acti laboris iocundi
A Deo rex, a rege lex
Advocatus Diaboli
De gustibus non est disputandum

Any other ideas ? 

Still no pics from London, to much at work... 

Monday, September 27, 2010

TYW by Mr Walker part 2

Mr Walker has outdone him self again, in a rapid face has produced 4 cavalry units with a great result.
Click the image to see more images.

Oathman's Warmaster from GW

Im back, after a nice weekend plus in London, and found this on the forum.
Some nice Warmaster10mm minies.
Painted by Oathman.
More pictures, just click the Image.
BTW a full report of the London weekend will follow shortly.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One of my absolute favourites painted by Victoria Lamb

This unit of Orcs are one of my absolute favourite pieces, the dynamic in the unit is absolutely magic, the units is called "Squabble" and are sculpted and modified by Victoria Lamb well see for your self.
Click the images to checkout more pictures of this piece.

Men of Company B 10mm Vietnam on EBay

Dalauppror is selling off his 10 mm Vietnam, minies and terrain, on EBay, check out his auction.
This is an auction for painted 10mm Vietman minis with terrain and rules(gaming board in pictures are not included but all terrain are). All minis are from Pendraken Miniatures except for the 2 Hueys that are diecasts.
Peter Pigs rules The Men of Company B are included in the auction but I have used the minis with several other rules system like Cold War Commande, Ambush Alley, Force on Force and other.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A bit side tracked

Fascinating stuff, I have to test some time. Think there will be a trip to the shop Highlight the choice of all vandals and street painters for some colors in spray cans, in the near future.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things are moving

Today I decided to glue some of the painted TWY minies to their bases just to see what it looks like.
The result of to days work is 6 bases of musketeers. I didn't care about the pikes cause I don have a standard holder and musician, and there for only musketeers.
Had to cut the individual bases on each model to be able to fit them on the bases, this only for the advancing musketeers, not applicable on the firing musketeers.
Ready, aim, fire...

The full unit, 24 musketeers.

Its like X-Mass, Warlord delivery arrived today, but no undercoat.

Got my latest order from Warlord today, another 80 Pike and Shotte multi part figures. A fast delivery this time, all glory to Warlord.
But all is not great, there is no way to get hold of Army Painter Leather Brown for undercoating, in town. None of the regular suppliers can provide. So we will have to order from the web but I cant get hold of the from outside Sweden because they are  pressure cans and can be sent by air mail.
I never allow my self to have less the 2 cans of undercoat on the shelf at home, but when there is no more to found there is no more.

Monday, September 20, 2010

TYW Project

The plan was to make mixed units with no direct uniform colours but after looking at the units painted by Mr Walker I decided to go for mostly uniform units, but try to mix in some oddly painted minis in the unit.

Was out shopping today trying to get hold of some more Army Painter Brown Leather, but no luck. But I did manage to get hold of some new colours to spice the units up a bit. But trying to avoid them being all to colourful and bright. But I most definite going for more uniform units, I don't know if that's  historically correct but hey its only for a game. Hoping to be able to full fill my first unit this week before going to London on Friday.

BTW just learned to day that its Games Day Golden Demon 2010 in the UK next weekend. We will probably NOT visit but maybe, while we are there anyhow.

But there will be pubbing and there will be IWM and BM and did I say that we are going pubbing.

Warmaster Empire

A friend of mine, Othman, painted some Warmaster minies just to get the out of his system.
None the less the are nice looking.
More images to be seen at; Stockholm Wargaming Forum Blog


Sunday, September 19, 2010

TYW, By Mr Walker

This is 28mm Warlord mulit part minis. Mounted 3 by 3 on 60*30 mm bases, painted by Mr Walker a participant in the TYW projec, this unit is fitted with a linen flag.Well for Mr Walker its painted as a part in an ECW army. But we all known that it will end up being played as a TYW army with the FOG:R

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Warlord Miniatures Plastic is Fantastic

Yesterday I got the "Dispatched" email from Warlord Games on my latest order, 2 boxes of Parliament Infantry (40 plastic miniatures!), a total of 80 new infantry multi part for my TYW projcet to glue. As if the other 200 I already have glued and primed wasn't enough. No its not enough its never enough. So new stuff in the mail, its like Xmas every day and I love it :).


Checkout my friend Dalauppro's blog, he's a member of the same gaming association as I, and he is also participating in the TYW project as well.

Friday, September 17, 2010

UK Warbases, fast as ever

A few days ago I placed an order with, around 200 bases of assorted shapes and sizes. Got the delivery to day, they have never been so fast its amazing.

The bases are for the TYW project.

The key to bases in the project are.
TypeSize# of


60*60mm2 + horses
for the dragoons


CInc8mm roundN/A
60mm roundN/A

TYW proof of concept

Here are some pictures of the first batch of miniatures in my 30 Year War(TYW) project.
Due to the amount of figures needed to be painted, around 200 infantry foot soldiers and 70 cavalry plus command and artillery, i planed to keep this simple. So I simply base coated them whit Army Painter Leather brown, and then just in one layer added colors to jacket, pants, cuffs, skin and weapon, all in base colors and then i this case just inked it in Devlan Mud. Later on I will be using the Army painter Strong Tone Quick Shade
The miniatures used in this project are all from Warlord, with only a few exeptions.