Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preparing for my kids birthday party..

My son turning 9 decide that he wanted me to host a "painting party" for him and his class mates. Being a good, kind and fair father I said yes.

Remembered that I had some Fire Locks from Warlord, thanks Nils for reminding me, unused in a box, so now on Saturday the kids are painting Warlord Fire Locks.

They are now glued and mounted on bases, ready to be primed tomorrow...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Working hard or hardly working...

A slow day at work getting some paint on them Japanese Ashigaris while monitoring the systems.
Half way trough a bunch of 70 minise mounted on sticks. To bad my brushes are about to give in, but hopefully they hold until I get home and have some fresh ones.

Paint set for the "red army";
All models are primed with Army painters, Brown Leather
Hat: Dark Sea Gray Vallejo 70991
Pants and other fabrics: German Fieldgrey WWII 70830
Armour: Cavlary Brown Vallejo 70982
Socks and white details: Ivory Vallejo 70918
Black Vallejo70950
Metal:Gun metal Vallejo 70863

Brown (same as priner): English uniform Vallejo 70921

Leaving out bags, straps and wood details unpainted, only primed.

The giving the minie a wash of Devlan mud from games Workshop.

No pics to day, not allowed at work :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New project, FOG:R 15mm Late Japanese army and opponent

Haven't got the army list yet from Amazon yet but I revived  a delivery update via mail today and the order is tagged as dispatched.

But this didn't prevent me from painting some models anyhow. The score for is 40 Ashigari,with Yari or Teppo, painted on sticks, speed painting 1 on 1.

Pictures will be provided as soon as the models are based.

Follow the project on the Nippon Project page

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did a preeorder on today

Colonies and Conquest: Asia 1494-1698 - Field of Glory: Renaissance No. 4

"Take on the role of a Portuguese conquistador or Dutch colonist, pushing ever-eastwards, seeking to bring trade and religion to the continent, or command the colorful and unique armies of India, China or Japan, and defend and expand your own empires. With artwork, maps and historical overviews, Colonies and Conquest presents everything you need to wargame the battles and conflicts of Renaissance-era Asia."

I have a few hundred 15mm Japanese minies unpainted ready to be drafted for the Japanese hordes. Planing to paint 2 armies to obtain some historical opponents in play.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Check out thees pictures...

Took some photos of a Blackpowder, from Warlord game the other day...

Check out the potos at Dalaupprors blogg