Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boat Building Intermission

Having a unplanned pause in my boat building, having hur my Left hand in a minor car accident, well minor in the sense that no one was seriously hurt.But to the Car owners it was probably major due to the extensive damages to the cars involved.

Got a new sail from Corel the other day, and finally it was flawless, I was asked to resen the other sails for them to check them it sounds like they have some quality problems. But no shadow over Corel, they have been on their toes for me, answering quickly and sending me new sails without hesitation and questions. And some times shit happens, so...

I have been binding my time with some videos about boat building on Youtube, spent some time on the forum as well, there are some really educating and interesting. they do not be both interesting and educating but most of the are.

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