Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New year, new things, new focus...

Well I have sort of lost the edge of the Hobby, its just not as fun as it was, and work, and family and, you know stuff. I'm trying desperately to find my way back to the fun parts.

So I'm a bit side tracked, was thinking Bottle ships for some time but that wasn't me and building 1/35 scale models that's old and with my neighbour Mirko Bayerl, I'm sort of already on second place. And air planes is not relay my thing, so what to do. Painting minies is just not enough at the time, no worries I wont stop painting but I'm on a short brake from it.

So what then...
Model ships, I have ordered a wood ship Corel kit Sloup- Model # SM 43, its a bunch of sticks that I have to assembly in order to make it look some thing like this.

This will be fun.

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