Sunday, August 7, 2011

The big clean out day...

Took the courage  today to start clean out some old models, never to be finished projects, old sprues and other miscellaneous hobby related Junk just lying around in the Garage.


  • 7 auctions on Ebay, more to come
  • 4 big 125 liters plastick bags filled with old sprues, boxes, paint brunches, broken minies, and a hol other bunch of stuff I will never ewer use again. 
  • some idea of how what is/was hidden and forgotten in boxes and on shelf's.
Will take some pictures later of some of the treasures I found in my garage.

My Ebay auctions

Tiger I 1.72 Airfix
Panzer IV 1.72 Airfix
Sturmgeschutz 1.72 Airfix
GM Chaos Dargon Ogre Shaggot
Panzerkampfwagen IV Tamiya 1.35
DBA 6mm Imperial Romans
Warmachine boxed set of 4 models
Happy Bidding.

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