Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Complete, Generic/Dutch army TYW.

Finally I can put the TYW project on the shelf, of course I can allways add more to the project but at the time I WILL NOT...

Its painted as a generic TYW army but was intended to be Dutch army from the beginning and the theme sort of stuck.

Missing 4 banners but otherwise the army is finally complete.
Order of battle:
3 Command units/markers 80, 60 and 40mm circular bases
7 Pike and shotte regiments 2 bases of pikes and 4 bases of muskets and 24 minis per regiment
3 Cavalry regiments 4 bases and 12 models per regiment
3 Cuirassiers regiments 4 bases and 12 models per regiment
2 canon bases

All based for FOG:R (DBX standard), but is more likely to be played with the "No quarters" rules. 

The army is primed with Army painter Brown Leather, and painted with mostly Vallejo model range with a few exceptions, then the minies then are inked with Devlan Mud from Games Workshop, see the painting Tutorial form more details.

Minies are mostly Warlord and a washing few numbers of Renegade minies.

Command bases/markers

Cavlary regiments

Standard infantry regiment

Take aim

Hold the line

The Shaker guns from Warlord

Banners still 4 missing and I think I need to ad some details

Stop drinking and get to work



  1. Superb figures and flags!!

  2. Thanks, it feels good to finally put this project in boxes and feel that its done, and perhaps never to bee seen again.