Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First look at the Game Dust Tactics...

Got Dust Tactics today from Alphaspel.
First impression!
Nice models, nice set of rule books and scenario books, well packed and a bit higher details on the minies then expected.

Down side:
The box was miss backed, one of the Mechs had 2 right arms instead of 1 leftie and 1 rightie, not Alphaspels wrong doing and they are to contact the supplier to have it fixed hopefully to next week.

The models are delicate perhaps a bit to delicate, the plan was to repaint them and so will be done but not in the planed way, they need a lot more attention then I expected. And that in a way of not being poorly done, but to the point of being more detailed then expected. And therefor a bit more fragile then they needed to be...

Backside of a Lutz or Ludwig

The tow righties...
Ludwig ?

Char cards

Allies Walker body
The Airbrush will have to come out to fix this of that I'm sure...

More images and more about the rules when we get there...

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