Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Must resist, don't give in...

Surfed the Gripping Beast site to night and found out that I want lots of minies.

Well no new projects until the SAGA Norman Project is Completed.

Thinking to use the skirmish rules Bonnie Blue, a Swedish set of rules for ACW, with the a WWI complement, 5 - 10 mines per side. Some turks and ANZACS, French african and FFL, Gurchas, you name it :).  And some realy nice civilians with guns. Thinking Pulp, 1930-s Shanghai, the orient spys...

Dark and musky...

There has been a lot of GB lately, well yes I do look at other suppliers as well, but GB is nice looking. This will be expensive be so sure, and fun.

And then I found Hitler and Churchill

Oh BTW almost forgot, 10.000 visits the last 6 months, now thats BIG. I was hoping for 3-5k or tops 1k visitors a month.


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