Thursday, March 22, 2012

The SAGA ends: For now

This is the end of part 1.

All Gripping Beast, all shields are painted Freehand, banner as well.

Project started on 22 of Feb 2012
Project ended on 21 of Mars 2012

Norman Warband
1 - Warlord
1 - Unit of Spears 8 minies
1 - Unit of Crossbows 8 minies
1 - Unit of Bows 12 minies
2 - Units of Knights 2x4 minies
1 - Unit of Sargent's 8 minies

Total  7 pts in the SAGA rule system.


  1. Very nice! And a great production rate aswell. In particular I like the red that you've used on bows, spears and elsewhere. It ties the force together as a whole nicely.

  2. Looking realy Good Stewe !!!

    Nice waves on the flag to:)

    How did it go in the first game???

    Best regards dalauppror

    by the way the scroll works again on you blog:)

  3. Thanks, I must say that I'm quite pleased with the result my self.

    First game never happen, I prioritized the completion of the Warband, I was a bit behind due to for me unforeseen events.