Friday, October 15, 2010

Hopes and dreams

Well now that the TYW project is more half way done its time to plan for the next.

I have always been interested in the Samurai Armies of the Shogun with Ashigaru Arquebusiers and pikes, hordes of samurai and Ashigaru warriors clashing together in  a sea of steel, blood and dismembered bodies, great champions being beheaded and lesser champions being mutilated.
I have been looking at the Perry miniatures ranged and are looking for other manufacturers of 28 mm samurai ranges. Museum Miniatures have some nice ranges as well but there site sucks and the have movies of the minies instead of images, this making the site hard to navigate, and I thing their models are a bit early and more suitable for an early army more fitting the FOG:A rules and the book Emipire of the Dragon 
Perry miniatures
Perry miniatures
Perry miniatures

Museum Miniatures

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