Thursday, October 14, 2010

Speed painting 1 on 1


I have been getting some questions about how I paint my TYW minies, therefore I decide make a tutorial on how I do just that.

For this particular model a metal Battle standard bearer (BSB) from Renegade(I think) I used the following colors.

Skin, Valejo Model color, Dark Flesh, #70927
Hair, Valejo Model color, Yellow Tan, #70912
Jacket, GW Foundation, Macharius Solar Orange
Pants, Valejo Game color, Cold Grey
Mics, Valejo Model color, Black #70950, Gunmetal # 70863, Ivory # 70918, Buff #70976 and Azure #70902

Washing: GW Foundation, Devlan Mud

This mini being a BSB and there for being a bit more in the center then a usual rank and file model, I  neede to add a bit of extra effort. there for the high numbers of colors.

Step 1.
The models was cleaned and washed, if it was a plastic model I wouldn't have bothered with the washing of the models, but now being a metal minies I had to. I then sorted them so that I have basicly the same pose on the models before mounting the on sticks and priming them.

In this case I used the Army Painter Brown Leather spray to prime the models, this to save time painting the model, allso the Army Painter Brown Leather is a perfekt match to the Valejo Model color, English Uniform #70921, this might come in handy if you are a bit sloppy.

Step 2.
Painting Skin, trying to leave the eye and mouth with no paint, and just bloging the hands and any outer skin showing.

Step 3
Painting the Jacket, well how hard can it be, just being sure not to get paint on the belts and stuff, you can also do a bit of outlining here if you please that, I do not, I just cant get it to look good.

Step 4 
Painting the pants, again leaving any belts, buckles and things like that, just keep it clean, if you do get sloppy just correct it. As you can I have painted some details on the model, but that's only because its a BSB and not a regular rank and file model.

Step 4 
Some metal.

Step 5
And now for the magic...
Devlan Mud, I'm planing to fix up my own blend but for now I use GW's smelly stuff, yes it relay smells bad.
Still not dry

Step 6
Some highlighting if desired, I usual highlight the faces, this using the same color as before on the face, on the front rank models but the other ranks I do not bother. Just paint "STZ--", S on the left chin, T on the nose and forhead, Z on the right chin and - - on upper lip and cheek, fast and easy.

Face and hands highlighted 

The big time savers.
I didn't highlight any areas except for the face and hands.
I didn't put any time/effort into painting belts, straps or pouches, this is a big time saver, this works because of the primer being leather brown.

Well the army looks great from a distance of 1 - 1½ meters, with some nice bases and some cool banners the army will be an eye catcher and if you don allow your opponent to get to close you might just get away with it.

Time spent on painting the model without drying time is approx 2½  minutes. And if you do like I do painting the in batches of 6 then you can get don to lets say 2 minutes per model, that's 30 an hour.

Tools of trade.

Good luck with your painting. 


  1. Thanks for posting :-) What do you use to matt back the gloss?


  2. The flatness comes from the GW Devlan Mud.