Monday, October 4, 2010

London Part III IWM

Here are some pictrues from IWM
The entrance
The breach of a REAL gun
Fredrik and Tomas looking into a Jagdpanzer .
Shit it got some holes in it.
Montys wagon 
A human torpedo from Italy I think.
Pak 40
Little Boy, Hiroshima mon amoure
Tank Mark V Male WWI style 
Thin armour, more like a tin can.
And NO its not a Landraider 
The Terror of London 
The Supermarine Spitfire Marv V. 
No Fokker comes close 
The Sopwith Camel, king of the sky, WWI style.

The day at the IWM was educating but I remembered the museum as bigger and more to see, well we didn't check out the WWI exhibit or Food Exhibit cause we had the British Museum to visit as well the same day.


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