Friday, April 22, 2011

Panther, 10 subjects and their Stories

10 Panthers, 10 different destinies and 13 stories to tell them,,
 I did choose not to read all 13 stories, I only read the foreword and 3 of the stories written by Mirko Bayerl, they where in my eyes the centerpiece in the book and the most well built model and diorama in the collection of models. 
Mirko wrote 3 articles about the SS panther AJ9 which later was destroyed by its own crew due to lack of petrol and ammunition, so to prevent it from ending up in the hands of the Russians then blew it up.
The stories about the AJ9 also contains eyewitness reports from a man that was 13 at the time and on location photos, both historical and pictures taken by Mirko when he visited the locations. 
And topped off in the last article with pictures and details about the diorama and the model. I my self has had the privilege to follow the progress and see the amount of work that Mirko put in to the diorama and to admire the result first hand.

The rest of the book contains some nice and detailed articles about 9 other Panthers in different versions and locations during the WWII, some fiction and some fact, like the AJ9.  

Modelers and authors.
Mirko Bayerl, Roddy Macdougall, Phill Stutcinskas, Darren Gawle, Lester Plaskitt, Gunnar Jansson, Roger Hurkmans, Markus Eriksson, Brian Murdoch and  Toni Canfora are the authors of 13 articles about 10 different Panthers, all presented with well written articles, detailed photos and some relay nice scale models and dioramas.

Where to buy:
Published by Canfora
ISBN 978-91-976773-5-6
Or if you are in Stockholm, Sweden, the book is available at Wentzels.

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