Sunday, April 17, 2011

Warlord TYW...

Today, well yesterday if we are to be completely honest, I decide that the best place finaly  make my TYW project 100% done was to bring it to the club. And therefor I did, and now all the minis for the TYW project is at the club.
I fixed all the bases for all the infantry, lock stock and barrel and all the infantry allso are coated with GW Purity seal and dusted with Valejo Dullcoat, its like magic,

Some playing was also done with Victory Without Quarters(VWQ), this is the second time we had tried this game and I think its here to stay.

Perfect for scenarios and smaller campaigns todays battle was a bit to big, the weakness is the way units are activated, by randomness, and therefor some units will be unactivated round after round. I had units that had not moved or fired , almost the length of the game, the rules for activation has to be looked in to.


  1. I also feel that the randomness of unit activation in VWQ is a drawback of the rules. I have toyed with the idea of using order chits like the ones used in GW's EPIC game from the 90's. Units can be given ADVANCE, CHARGE, HOLD, REFORM, FIRE, RALLY orders and then the orders are revealed simultaneously, following a certain sequence or system for resolving the orders. I have also thought of keeping it simple and just roll dice for initiative with the winner choosing who moves and shoots first each turn.

    I look forward to see what you come up with.


  2. This set of rules suits perfect for a game with 10 - 12 units, with larger forces the rules in their original set up becomes a bit blunt. I'm thinking of tweaking the rules a bit;
    Add 3 levels of commanders.
    * 24, 12 and 8 inces of command range
    * 3,2 and 1 chits per commander
    * only give chits to veteran and battle proven troops and permit units in the same BG as the veteran units to advance with the veteran unit if activated, and if within cretin range depending on various factors.
    I think this will increase the chanses of getting the units activated and give a better balance to the rules when having larger forces.