Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Victory Without Quarters

Today We played as a complement to the more complex rules of FOG:R, the set of rules "Victory without quarter". It's written for ECW but we played it  with the intention of TYW. The wars are not that far apart and therefor no problems but the ECW is e light version of TYW, with fewer unit types and lesser soldiers.

The rules are quick and easy to learn, but we had to make up some house rule to increase the flow of the game, for instance changed so that the combat values never can be lower then 1+ and higher then 6+.
And then we have to tweek some of the unit types to make the game more adapted to TYW and the unit types used then.

We are going to play this agin this weekend and I will give you a deeper runt trough of the game then, and perhaps an Arr as well.

Here are some pictures of to days game, minis are mainly Perry Miniatures and Warlord miniatures, painted by Nils Idemalm and Ogge.


  1. Very nice looking game!. The miniatures and terrain look excellent.

  2. really nice, there's a lot of figures there

    1. Thanks, we are a few in Little Wars with quite extensive TYW armies.