Friday, April 8, 2011

Peter Pig writes on his webpage More Oink for the buck, and oh is he right, got some minies from PP last friday, the are now all cleaned, surpassingly little casting flesh, and mostly glued on sticks for painting, the general part of them are also primed and ready for painting.

Spent some hours on the mounted Samurai Yari models, fast and easy, sorry no pics yet, only when the are on their bases. Me being me, thinking in shortcuts,  I was planing to leave all the rods, bows and shafts i the primed base color(Army painter, leather brown), this was until my friend Ogge pointed out that the where made of bamboo and often lackered, and often red. But since the whole army is red perhaps I should not paint the red put perhaps Yellow occra to make the look more like bamboo. And as usual He is right, and so it will be, yellow or bright red, they will not be left leather brown anyhow.
The Tori gate, from Peter pig

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